RUDRA "Brahmavidya: Transcendental I" CD

RUDRA "Brahmavidya: Transcendental I" CD
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    Label: Awakening Records
    Nation: Singapore
    Style: Black / Death Metal
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    30 YEARS OF VEDIC METAL!!! ASIA'S EXTREME METAL LEGEND! THE PIONEER OF VEDIC METAL! RUDRA, the name of the Indian deity of Destruction; conjures the scene of death and destruction. Just like the deity, RUDRA, the band, was named so to symbolize the aggressive character of its music. A legend in the Asian Metal scene, RUDRA was established in 1992. Since its humble beginning as a Death Metal band, the band went on to pioneer the evolution of a new genre of Death-Black Metal music called VEDIC METAL. The music of RUDRA, Vedic metal, can be characterized as a bridge between the east and the west: incorporating Indian traditional music, Sanskrit chants, and mantras into Death/Black Metal. This unique musical creation is what is known to the world as Vedic Metal. Awakening Records is proud to reissue RUDRA's Brahmavidya trilogy! All albums feature new hand-painted covers and layouts. The stories behind the albums written by the producer of the trilogy, as well as prefaces for each album and notes for each track written by RUDRA, are presented in both English and Chinese.