DREARINESS "Before We Vanish" Digipak CD

DREARINESS "Before We Vanish" Digipak CD
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    Price: $13.99
    Label: My Kingdom Music
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Post Metal / Blackgaze
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    DREARINESS: the beating of a heart that quivers full of agony! In the vein of ALCEST, CULT OF LUNA, DEAFHEAVEN. Rome based band, DREARINESS is one of the most eclectic projects of the European Blackgaze and Post Metal scene and plays the soundtrack of this decadent era with all the torment and the desperation that characterizes it. Their new album titled 'Before We Vanish' is destined to leave a deep mark thanks to different shades of melancholy and restlessness transmuted in pure emotions in a way that is so hauntingly beautiful that it hurts. With DREARINESS you enter into a decadent and dark universe made by Depressive Black Metal, Post Metal & Shoegaze and painted by melancholic passages, dreamy acoustic bridges, suffocating atmospheres and violently anguished female vocals. After two albums and an EP, they are ready, with 'Before We Vanish', to give voice to all the negative emotions of which the formation is the poignant bearer, using music as a pure escape valve and they do it with a grey and sad journey inspired by Schopenhauer's hedgehog dilemma.