OUIJA “Riding into the Funeral Paths” Digipak CD

OUIJA “Riding into the Funeral Paths” Digipak CD
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    Price: $13.99
    Label: Tribulación Productions
    Nation: Spain
    Style: Black Metal
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    Tribulación Prods is pleased to present one of the reference works by Iberian Black Metal OUIJA: "Riding into the Funeral Paths", initially released on CD by Repulse Records in 1997, now available in a 3-Panel Digipak limited version with a 12-page booklet, also including 3 unpublished bonus tracks. Harmonies full of hate and compositions that materialize terrifying atmospheres… Primeval Black Metal not afraid to explore certain melodic and elaborate tones and new shades without leaving its crudest roots, a piece of fast and dizzying sound that evokes infernal paths!