CROWN OF AUTUMN "Byzantine Horizons" Digipak CD

CROWN OF AUTUMN "Byzantine Horizons" Digipak CD
    Code: ECHO139
    Price: $13.99
    Label: My Kingdom Music
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Melodic Death / Gothic Metal
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    "Byzantine Horizons" is a pure moment of genius. It is an amazing work, with a structure simpler and more direct than before and it allowed the band to enhance even more than the epic colors of their music even melodic elements with passages extremely close to certain Folk and to Dark Wave of the 80s. Of course the dreamy melodies and the epic medieval inserts are still present representing CROWN OF AUTUMN’s trademark. Definitely "Byzantine Horizons" is a musical kaleidoscope of past and future enigmas, brought to your ears by a very compact and fresh sound that never betrays the roots of the band.