DEINONYCHUS "Ark Of Thought" A5 Digipack CD

DEINONYCHUS "Ark Of Thought" A5 Digipack CD
    Code: ECHO175
    Price: $15.99
    Label: My Kingdom Music
    Nation: Netherlands
    Style: Black / Doom Metal
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    Third full length from Dutch Blackened Doom Metal legends (1997). Deluxe 3 panels A5 digipak CD reissue. A music that is a mere spiral downwards infested with murder, vengeance and suicide. Songs that will take you down, leaving you soulless and numb. For sure and without any doubt one of the greatest Doomish Black Metal bands of all time, one of the few able to describe the sound of darkness and put in front of you the dramatic reality of an apocalyptic soundtrack that will lead you in to a world without light with a hallucinating journey into the meanders of your innermost pain.