DEATHLIKE SILENCE “Deathlike Silence” CD

DEATHLIKE SILENCE “Deathlike Silence” CD
    Code: ZDR044
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Zero Dimensional Records
    Nation: Japan
    Style: Black Metal
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    Deathlike Silence, Their name was influenced by the record label "Deathlike Silence" which was owned by Euronymous, back in days. Aokigahara that how Deathlike Silence have done those songs before and until now the last breath and last steps in suicide forest will dominant you mind by DxLxSx. And you'll know how to kill yourself to live. The Darkness Profanation one man army for whom he slash virgins throat and spill the blood on the last moment on her graveyard stone . The bands commitment was begin back from 1995 Self Titled Demo for very first time until 1997 Split EP, Bestial Devastation. However the bands commitment it's still very alive and healing cold frost with some freshly grind it Blood boiling restart of Aokigahara forest . It's great to see this release will upper once again on the most of the best Japanese Black Metal Label Zero Dimensional Records. The Suicide Forest step-in to your doors.