MASTER "Faith is in Season" CD w/ OBI

MASTER "Faith is in Season" CD w/ OBI
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    Label: Old Shadow Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Death / Thrash Metal
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    Since the dawn of human intellectualism, self-aware individuals have sought solitude. Paul Speckmann of Master finds his own solidarity in expressing apathy towards society. Lets acknowledge the introspective impact of Master’s 1998 release “Faith is in Season.” Crusty bass lines and tom-centric drumming push “Faith is in Season” forward with a reliable tempo, coupled with intermittent guitar leads and Speckmann’s defiant screeches define Master’s new production - consistent and comprehendible Death Metal. This is further polished with thoughtful song intros that highlight each individual member’s musicianship. This foundation supports the guitar melodies and lyrical concepts. Compositionally, each instrument in Master is worth its own weight in gold while also not overshadowing each other. This is a self-evident testament to Speckmann’s exemplary leadership because the band line-up on “Faith is in Season” was relatively brief. Similar to 1990’s contemporaries like Vader or Obituary, Master solidified their craft with “Faith is in Season” and has since strayed minimally.