OCULUS "Of Temples And Vultures" CD

OCULUS "Of Temples And Vultures" CD
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    Label: Dark Horizon
    Nation: International
    Style: Blackened Death Metal
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    DUPLICATE RECORDS in conspiracy with DARK HORIZON RECORDS proudly presents "Of Temples And Vultures", the sophomore full-length album of international black/death metal band OCULUS. Five years after their debut, "The Apostate Of Light" (via Blood Harvest Records), Serbian / Czech / US trio OCULUS unleash their second full-length album "Of Temples And Vultures". Combining dissonant riffs with haunting melodic passages underscored by the organic, yet heavy production, "Of Temples And Vultures" condenses the best parts of its predecessor and whips them into an even harder-hitting and more coherent effort. Downright haunting in places, yet never loosing focus on what is at heart a perfect amalgam of atmospheric black metal and brutal death metal.