MANIAC BUTCHER "Barbarians 1995" Deluxe Digi CD

MANIAC BUTCHER "Barbarians 1995" Deluxe Digi CD
    Code: TR073
    Price: $14.99
    Label: Tribulacion Productions
    Nation: Czech Republic
    Style: Black Metal
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    Unique deluxe inverted cross digipak edition, including bonus tracks!! Pure Barbaric Black Metal! Following Czech countrymen Root and Master’s Hammer, Black Metal warriors Maniac Butcher set out their stall early on, and have remained true to themselves, reforming after ten years of silence. Pure, riff-driven Black Metal, a raw and intense surge of darkness that will thrill fans of the old school. A suitably murky and hateful production is draped over the subtly epic music, buzzing guitars and tinny drums with thunderous rolls, the screeched vocals loudest in the mix – this is Black Metal at its purest, straight-faced.