DIMENTIANON "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" CD

DIMENTIANON "Chapter VI: Burning Rebirth" CD
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    Label: Paragon Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black, Death, Doom Metal
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    Once again, Dimentianon return with their own style of Black, Death, Doom Metal charged with mesmerizing atmospheric, ambient elements. As always, the band follows NO trends and carve out a path all their own with a sound that is natural & refreshing. The band progresses from what they did on their previous album “Dreaming Yuggoth” even further to cultivate an eclectic sound more cohesive and devastating. Mainstay vocalist M delivers his distinct rasp & growls with the combination of Joe Fogarazzo (Rigor Sardonicous) on guitars/bass, Don Zaros (Evoken, Marshmallow Bunnies) on keyboards and Matt Hass (Reluctant Mortem) on drums to deliver organic, character driven instrumentals that form a line-up which gels so seamlessly. The band exists in a void where few others will enter. For the first time in the bands history, the line-up has stayed the same for consecutive album releases and shows why they are one of the longest surviving, darkest cults the Long Island, NY scene has to offer! Co-release from Pest Records (RO), Paragon Records (USA) and Symbol of Domination (MD).