AXEHAMMER "Windrider" CD

AXEHAMMER "Windrider" CD
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    Label: Sentinel Steel
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
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    The Metal Giant rises once again! Traditional USA power metal at its best, with absolutely no "modern" influences. Axehammer continues from where they left off with the now classic 'Lord of the Realm' CD released back in 1998. 'Windrider' features 10 pure heavy metal tracks, ranging from speedy scorchers like "Stand Up and Fight" to midpaced crushers like "The Power". The Axehammer line-up includes original/definitive members Jerry Watt (guitars), Bill Ramp (vocals) and Joe Aghassi (drums) plus new bass player Colin Sauers. This album was recorded by Bill Metoyer (Omen, Helstar, Trouble, Fates Warning, Tyrant, Intruder) and mixed by Eric Rachel (Gothic Knights, Manilla Road, Symphony X, Whiplash, Overlorde).