GRAVE "As Rapture Comes" CD w/ Slipcase

GRAVE "As Rapture Comes" CD w/ Slipcase
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    Label: Old Shadows Records
    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Death Metal
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    The seventh studio album by Swedish death metal gods Grave. Originally released on July 25, 2006 on Century Media. Old Shadows records Brazil import with slipcase! Continuing a tradition of genre-defining brilliance, their seventh full-length release delivers mountain-levelling hooks and devastating low frequency blows. Alongside Entombed, Dismember and Unleashed, GRAVE are considered to be pioneers of the distinguished Swedish Death Metal scene and have remained true to their musical roots and legacy throughout the years. Formed under the moniker “Corpse” in 1986 and then changing to GRAVE in 1988, the band reached a legendary status within the underground scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s with their several demos and genre-defining classics “Into The Grave”, “You’ll Never See” and “Soulless”. Morbid, tuned-down crushingly brutal yet catchy hymns combining irresistible groove and sheer violence became a trademark for the band which they never did completely lose like so many other veterans of the death metal movement. After lying on hiatus after the “Hating Life” (1996) album, GRAVE returned in 2002 with “Back From The Grave”, an album whose programmatic title was intensively supported by top class, straight forward Swedish Death Metal that erased any doubt in this classic band. GRAVE was back with a vengeance! After touring with the likes of Immolation, Goatwhore and Crematorium through North America, a headlining European tour with The Forsaken and Disinter, then followed by a slot on the monster-package tour with Exodus, God Dethroned, Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel it was time to keep the focus on the songwriting of the successor “Fiendish Regression”. The sixth album in the history of GRAVE proved the special position in the genre and was the first output with Coercion-Member Pelle Ekegren on drums, adding a more vivid and relentless groove attack to the classic GRAVE song-structures. Two kick-ass European tours followed: One headlining and one as part of ‘The Domination Tour’ alongside label-mates Cryptopsy and Aborted. Back in Sweden GRAVE entered Studio Soulless to record their newest malevolent creations. To cement the album’s mix, the band returned to Peter Tägtgren’s Abyss Studio (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal), where GRAVE had already successfully tracked “Fiendish Regression”. “As Rapture Comes” delivers the band’s famous relentless death-groove in well-elaborated combination with clearly increased aggressive bite and superior dynamics in their own songs and the four-piece even manages to pull a staggeringly heavy cover version of Alice In Chains’ classic “Them Bones”. Renowned Polish artist Jacek Wisnieswki (Krisiun, Decapitated), whose artwork appeared on the band’s previous two albums, herein portrays a bloodthirsty visual representation of hell’s depths. Adding a more pronounced blasting attack to their mid-paced style, the band has realized another first-class Swedish death metal masterpiece. Already scheduled to play some shows in the Summer with Entombed, a North American tour in the fall with Dismember and Vital Remains, as well as massive European touring are in the works for later this year, GRAVE invite you to enjoy this morbid coming of rapture!