LEPROSY "Death To This World" Digi CD+DVD

LEPROSY "Death To This World" Digi CD+DVD
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    Label: Cryptorium Records
    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Old School Death Metal
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    Swedish Old School Thrash/Death Metal. Collection of all 3 Demo’s and a bonus Live DVD!
    Formed in 1987 as Sadistic Pain by Niclas Olsson and Christian Carlsson. The style was thrash metal with brutal vocals that hinted at death metal.

    01-06: Death To This World Demo 1988
    07-13: Full Of Hate Demo 1990
    14-17: Live I Basement Rehearsal Demo 1990

    01-06: Live from Bamberg, Germany, 03-09-1988
    07-12: Live in Ludwigsburg, Germany, 08-10-1989