INFERNAL ANGELS "Devourer Of God From The Void" CD

INFERNAL ANGELS "Devourer Of God From The Void" CD
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    Price: $12.99
    Label: My Kingdom Music
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Melodic Black Metal
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    Obscure and intransigent Black Metal. A vortex of extreme sonorities, a must for all fans of Svartidaudi, Mgla, Aosoth. INFERNAL ANGELS is without any doubt one of most intransigent Black Metal bands and 'Devourer Of God From The Void' is their most obscure and complex album so far. The new album, the 5th full-length of their career, is a concentrate of obscure Black Metal and with it they continue their esoteric journey. Special guests: Hellhound from Ad Noctem Funeriis/Vajass and Discissus from Necandi Homines.