MERRIMACK "... Of Entropy and Life Denial ..." CD

MERRIMACK "... Of Entropy and Life Denial ..." CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: France
    Style: True Black Metal
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    The Classic 2nd album from the Leaders of the French Black Metal scene finally available again!

    Originally released in 2006 and out of print since 2018, this French Black Metal Masterpiece, considered by many to be MERRIMACK’s finest work, receives a much deserved and demanded reissue.

    A breath of pestilent air rises up from the underground: Of Entropy and Life Denial, MERRIMACK’s second studio album and first for Moribund Records. A cult name in the black metal scene, MERRIMACK here unleash a terrorizing attack of dirty decibels and soul-searing melodicism yet retain a frightening clarity. This is the way TRUE black metal must be played – bend to their will, or perish!

    “France’s Merrimack has managed to create a depth-ridden campaign of uncomfortable passages affixed to their raw brutality and almost always belligerent sneer. Their destructive visions are smothering.” ~Unrestrained!

    * Out of print for years! * Second album from the leaders of the French Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded, mixed and mastered at Necromorbus Studios (Mayhem, Watain, Armagedda)!
    * Eye-catching unconventional cover art by Infestuus.
    * MERRIMACK Toured the world with ENTHRONED & MARDUK in support of this album!.
    * Recommended for fans of Mayhem, Immortal, Marduk, Sargeist, Vlad Tepes and Deathspell Omega!

    Track Listing:
    1. ... (Of Ashes and Purification) (1:13)
    2. Seraphic Conspiracy (Of the Angels and Their Mission) (6:01)
    3. Melancholia Balneam Diaboli (Of Acedia and Her Daughters) (5:40)
    4. Redeem Restless Souls (Of Asmodai and His Takeover) (3:32)
    5. Insemination (Of Procreation and Its Consequences) (4:38)
    6. The Birth of a Lifes Sacerdoce (Of Nascency and Intluctability) (4:56)
    7. Descension from Life (Of Spiritual Discipline and Metaphysical Gravity) (2:55)
    8. Subcutaneous Infection (Of Flesh and Its Decay) (4:01)
    9. Consecration of the Temple (Of the World and Its Impalement) (2:10)
    10. Carnaceral (Of Disease and Decease) (2:04)
    11. Adiabatic Bonds of Consanguinity (Of Entropy and Life Denial)
    (Hidden Bonus Track)
    Ultimate Antichrist (Massacra cover) (18:51)
    Total Play Time: 56:04

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