IRON ANGEL "Hellish Crossfire" CD

IRON ANGEL "Hellish Crossfire" CD
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    Label: Thrashing Fist Productions
    Nation: German
    Style: Speed Metal
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    A Mandatory classic of 1980’s Evil German Speed Metal / Heavy Metal ! The year was 1985 when the Hamburg-based Speed/Thrash legend known by the name Iron Angel released their debut full-length album "Hellish Crossfire". Iron Angel never fit into one box only, so their debut album is a delightful blend of Speed and Heavy Metal, marking it's very own territory between the realms of Running Wild, Accept and Grave Digger on one side and Artillery and Destruction on the other - not to forget Dirk Schröder's remarkable voice, which is an outstanding feature of this extremely powerful, extremely promising debut album. This is an album which propelled a small garage band from Hamburg to sharing the stage with King Diamond. Thrashing Fist Import with expanded booklet with old photos!