WARGOATCULT “Phasmatis Interregnum” Digi CD

WARGOATCULT “Phasmatis Interregnum” Digi CD
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    Label: Elegy Records
    Nation: Spain
    Style: War Black Metal
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    Enter the 8th blood soaked campaign of bestial metal brutality. In the spirit of old blackness, raw, chaotic, total nuclear devastation! Arriving to position itself in the World scene as a referent for the Spanish extreme scene and consequently European for its original proposal, Wargoatcult culminates its first decade with the eighth Album in physics, Phasmatis Interregnum. A point of inflection in his career where all the evolution of the Band at Musical and auditory level as lyrical and image. It is summarized in 11 songs that represent the final result of this laborious decade, solidly shaping the base to create their next works.

    Track Listing: 

    1. A call of war
    2. Axis of wrath
    3. Battle.Storms.Domination
    4. Archaic race Insignia
    5. Genocidal necrovation
    6. Darkness shall Be
    7. Warrior Ethos
    8. Trumpets of the Aphokalypse
    9. March of the Iberians
    10. Warbrakadabrah
    11. Ara Solis-Nexus Omega

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