MAUSOLEUM "Defiling the Decayed" CD

MAUSOLEUM "Defiling the Decayed" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Old School Death Metal
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    Mausoleum, the infernal purveyors of Zombiecult Death Metal, rise once again from the depths of the macabre! Allied in a pact with renowned USA label Moribund Records, Mausoleum meets a sinister milestone in their ghastly journey with their first full-length studio album since 2011!

    Mausoleum exists simply to vomit forth hideous death-stench sickness into the very face of the stale and sterile, mechanical “technical Death Metal” drivel of today. The grisly death-rattling morbidity that is scraped off their mortician’s slab, with its loathsome gore-shrieking vocals, its doomful cacophony of down-tuned guitars, and its barbarous drum bludgeoning, is a throwback to those fiendish days of yore when death metal was new and nasty!

    Mausoleum now emerges from the crypt to defile all with their highly anticipated 3rd full-length album, "Defiling the Decayed." These nine tracks of gut-wrenching horror and death promise to engulf you in a torrent of old-school brutal death metal. Unearth the Horror, Embrace the Madness and Worship Before the Altar of Mausoleum's Death Metal!

    Zombiecult Death Metal is back!

    * The highly anticipated 3rd album from the US Gods of Zombie Cult Death Metal!
    * Product Highlight Sticker with sales points!
    * Features current & former member of Morpheus Descends, Incantation, Engorge & Abazagorath!
    * Classic Death Metal production by Rob Yench at The Funeral Home in Johnstown, Pennsylvania!
    * Mastered by Roland Rodas at Cavern of Echos Studios Toronto (Antediluvian, Gatekeeper, Dire Omen)!
    * Killer cover art by Rick Zesati (Sithlord)!
    * The perfect embodiment of the pre-digital era Death Metal sound!
    * Mandatory for fans of Incantation, Autopsy, Death, Morpheus Descends, Impetigo, Acid Witch, Fornicator & Cannibal Corpse!

    Track Listing:
    1. Beyond the Cemetery Gates (4:12)
    2. Nine Eternities in Doom (4:11)
    3. Clawing the Lid of the Coffin (4:10)
    4. Curse of the Tomb (6:03)
    5. Catacombs of Eternal Dread (3:35)
    6. Gravefucked (5:46)
    7. Undead Dissection (5:11)
    8. Torn Apart (3:16)
    9. Defiling the Decayed (4:06)