HÄMMER "Terror" CD Re-issue w/ Bonus

HÄMMER "Terror" CD Re-issue w/ Bonus
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    Label: Awakening Records
    Nation: Poland
    Style: Thrash Metal
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    Polish Thrash Metal band HÄMMER started its career in the year 1987. In the second half of 1988, the band recorded the debut album "Sherman”. It was a sign of its time when aggressively spreading thrash epidemy was causing long-term and non-reversible outcomes. In 1990, HÄMMER recorded the second full-length called "Terror", which was released a year later. The band's music tends to mature with a more technical and progressive style. The first official reissue of this great album by Awakening Records, includes one unreleased track, numerous early photos, flyers, as well as a biography of the band, and the story behind the album in English and Chinese. credits Re-Released November 30, 2021. Originally released by Shark Records in 1992.