ONWARD "Of Epoch and Inferno" CD

ONWARD "Of Epoch and Inferno" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Thrash Metal
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    The Return of prior Century Media Progressive Heavy Metal / Power Metal Legends ONWARD!

    Founded by guitar virtuoso Toby Knapp and celebrated vocalist Michael Grant in 2000 Onward swiftly rose to Stardom with their acclaimed and highly praised debut album, “Evermoving” (2001), and follow up “Reawaken” (2002), both released on the renowned Century Media. Onward then went on a brief break, only to return with 2007’s massive come-back album “The Neverending Sun”. The band sadly disbanded in 2012 with the passing of vocalist Michael Grant. Onward released a fourth and final album entitled “New Fathoms Down”, featuring posthumous demo vocal tracks from Michael Grant, as a tribute to their long time singer.

    Onward now triumphantly returns after 8 years with their Highly Anticipated fifth album “Of Epoch and Inferno”. A pure, blazing Heavy Metal / Power / Thrash classic that is sure to appease the bands huge longtime fan base while gaining them new legions of young modern Heavy Metallers! Resurrected by founding member and international guitar legend and solo artist Toby Knapp, “Of Epoch and Inferno” features new vocalist Robert Van War, best known for his tenure with US Power / Heavy Metal act Attika.

    A supreme return in Top-Form from one of Americas most popular and celebrated progressive Heavy Metal bands!

    ”A huge combination of US Heavy / Power Metal with many Speed Metal touches. A great album that does justice to the band’s legacy!” ~www.forgotten-scroll.net

    * The highly anticipated return of one of the US’s most popular and celebrated progressive Heavy Metal bands!
    * The highly anticipated 5th album from this prior CENTURY MEDIA Records artist!
    * Led by founding member and international guitar Hero Toby Knapp (Toby Knapp band, Where Evil Follows, Waxen)!
    * Features praised new vocalist Robert Van War (Attika)!
    * Superb cover art by Wahyu Phitoe.
    * True progressive Heavy Metal / Power / Thrash Metal of the Highest Caliber and Quality!
    * Mandatory for fans of Overkill, Forbidden, Accept, Cacophony, Flotsam and Jetsam, Exodus, Agent Steel, Slayer & Fates Warning!

    Track Listing:
    1. Vicious Beauty (4:05)
    2. Picasso Eyes (4:49)
    3. Silhouette (3:23)
    4. Ring Around the Rosary (4:50)
    5. A New Epoch (0:45)
    6. Neptune's Revenge (4:32)
    7. Divided We Fall (4:34)
    8. Onward We Sail (6:32)

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