DRAGONHAMMER "Second Life" Digipak CD

DRAGONHAMMER "Second Life" Digipak CD
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    Price: $13.99
    Label: My Kingdom Music
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Power Metal
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    DRAGONHAMMER are one of the pillars of the Italian Power Metal scene, a band that marks the history of this music from 20 years. With the new album "Second Life" they open a new chapter giving a turn to their music, that is now more powerful, more epic and technically as sublime as it was in the past. It is the evolution of the band's way of creating music, renewed in sound and formation. Among the new characteristics of this work, the addition of new vocal elements, more symphonic keyboards and more powerful guitars stand out. An album that opens up new visions for the future and wants to be the starting point of this new identity. So definitely you'll get an explosive mix of Power and Epic Metal with great Symphonic parts.