MELAN SELAS "Zephyrean Hymns" A5 Digipak CD

MELAN SELAS "Zephyrean Hymns" A5 Digipak CD
    Code: TCM028
    Price: $14.99
    Label: The Circle Music
    Nation: Greece
    Style: Black Metal
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    The moment for the new Melan Selas album has arrived. If the debut (Φάος) piqued the interest of the listeners, then “Zephyrean Hymns“ will drive crazy those who pinned their hopes on this very special duo of musicians. “Zephyrean Hymns” consists of 8 songs that create a unique atmosphere. Sometimes the listener is assaulted by ragging riffs and eerie screams and at other times engrossed in seductive vocals traveling with dreamy melodies. The two members of the band, D.K. & Astraea, can be proud that “Zephyrean Hymns” breathes new life into the black metal era and automatically ranks them among the many promising forces of the local scene who have a lot to offer in the future.