ASGRAUW "Gronspech" CD

ASGRAUW "Gronspech" CD
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    Label: Hidden Marley
    Nation: Holland
    Style: Black Metal
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    Influenced by the great 90’s Scandinavian horde third full length, a concept-album performed in both Dutch and local Groesbeek dialect, about ancient regional myths. Two vocalists, cold shrieks and angry barks are alternated with mesmerizing spoken words, a dark and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and haunting synths, that are strengthened with powerful and energetic riffs and heavy drums. The album portrays the dark aspects of nature, while hateful punk-influences are not avoided. Also slow-paced tunes are present, although it never takes long before hell breaks loose again! Recommended to fans of 90’s Ulver, Emperor, Dodheimsgard!