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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal / True Metal / NWOTHM
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    True Heavy Metal / Thrash Leaders MALAMORTE return with their masterful 8th album & the Horror Metal Masterpiece of 2024!

    By now, MALAMORTE needs no introduction. Led by Italian metal legend Alessandro Nunziati, MALAMORTE’s uniquely crafted True Heavy Metal / Thrash / Occult Rock has taken the entire heavy metal scene by storm with his 7 prior internationally acclaimed albums!

    MALAMORTE’s six prior albums, “The Fall of Babylon” (2014), “Devilish Illusions” (2016), “Satan Goes to Heaven to Destroy the Kingdom of God” (2017), “Hell for All” (2019) and the critically acclaimed, radio chart toping albums “God Needs Evil” (2021) and "Mass Cult Suicide" (2021) have catapulted the band to the forefront of the modern “New Wave of True Heavy Metal’ movement! The band’s sound, rooted within the mainstream occult rock / horror metal / true heavy metal / thrash style, has been refined to perfection! Influences by King Diamond, Ghost, Judas Priest, Death SS and old Black Sabbath are clear, but crafted into a style uniquely MALAMORTE’s through horror and occult lyrics, extremely catchy rhythms and choruses, encompassing all aspects of epic heavy metal.

    With their eighth album “Abisso”, MALAMORTE unleashes 8 fresh riff-driven hard rock / heavy metal masterpieces, heavily inspired by mid-era King Diamond. The addition of artfully arranged synth weaves a menacing tension throughout the album that simultaneously injects even more melody driven rhythm and ‘pop’-catch appeal to this exceptional album. Baleful mid-range vocals deliver Nunziati’s signature occult/horror lyrics that explore the depths of the abyss within each of us… or is it an invitation to embrace that darkness?!

    * The highly anticipated 8th album by scene legend MALAMORTE!
    * Led by front-man Alessandro Nunziati (Lord Vampyr, Theatres des Vampires, Cain, Shadowsreign)!
    * Features a killer production from Music Up Studio!
    * Superb hammer-horror-esque cover art by Badic art (Mausoleum, Demonical, Skeletal Remains, Disincarnate)!.
    * True Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal of the Highest Quality!
    * Mandatory for fans of King Diamond, Ghost, Portrait, Attic, Them, In Solitude, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest & Death SS

    Track Listing:

    1. Abisso (5:13)
    2. Abisso (part 2) (5:06)
    3. Abisso (part 3) (4:01)
    4. The Convent (4:06)
    5. I Am the Scourge (5:40)
    6. Begotten (3:57)
    7. The Lie of Sin (4:22)
    8. Welcome Darkness (5:16)

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