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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Finland
    Style: True Black Metal
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    The Cult Classic split album from the Leaders of Finnish Black Metal- Out of Print for years!

    Legendary split album between Finnish Black Metal brotherhoods HORNA and BEHEXEN! Four tracks of foul ‘n’ filthy grimness in HORNA’s modern tradition vs. three soul-chilling epics from BEHEXEN, both bands conspiring to show the global masses how Black Metal Should be performed. An essential platter of Finnish Black Metal!

    "A pulsing, pitch-black mainline of the most potent junk ill-begotten money can buy!" ~Metal Maniacs
    “Judgment Day is coming, people, and this album is proof" ~Digitalmetal.com

    * Out of print for years! * Rare split album of the Top 2 Finnish Black Metal acts joining forces!
    * Features a grim production from Boneyard Studios (Sargeist, Baptism)!
    * Cover artwork by German artist Benjamin Koenig.
    * Features Shatraug of Top Black Metal act SARGEIST!
    * Highly recommended for fans of Dark Throne, Sargeist, Azaghal, Craft and Satyricon.

    Track Listing:
    1. Näkyjen Tuhkasta (4:59)
    2. Rautamyrsky (4:20)
    3. Kätketyn Jumaluuden Vartija (5:13)
    4. Verta Koirille (3:31)
    5. Ritual of Flesh & Blood (7:01)
    6. Beyond the Shadow of My Lord (6:30)
    7. A Distant Call from Darkness (8:16)
    Total Playtime 40:48

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