ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD

ANTIGAMA "Discomfort" CD
    Code: SMG015
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Selfmadegod Records
    Nation: Poland
    Style: Technical Grindcore / Mathcore / Death Metal
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    Originally released a year ago, here is the second effort of the highly acclaimed Polish powerhouse, now fully refreshed for a release on Selfmadegod with two bonus tracks. "Discomfort" delivers twelve discordant and chaotic shots full of mind-bending speed, technicality and savagery. It proves that vast grindcore made by ANTIGAMA is unparalleled. Punishing, shredding super-heavy modern-day sonic blast with most brutal and sickest vocals, powerful, precise guitar work and unbelievably fast and tight drumming stand out from most of the nowadays grind and metal bands. This greatly talented, unique quartet is the undisputed herald of a grind-squad assassination. Swallow.

    If any album title suited a release perfectly, it'd be this one, as Polish punishers Antigama's devastatingly demented release DISCOMFORT cuts the bullshit and goes for the throat. Armed with malicious guitars that can sift through a crusty riff as well as blind you with technical wizardry, wickedly sadistic drumming, and the sort of vocals that scare little kids and household pets, this quartet's diabolical display of dissonance and distress takes the grindcore genre out of the shadows of Satan and straight to the horrors of real life. While the album goes 13 tracks deep and runs a bit over the half-hour mark, each song is given a proper amount of time to fester in your head, even as the cacophony whizzes by you at an alarming rate. If you dig Pig Destroyer, Impaled, or Nasum, you'll love what Antigama bring to the table. - In Music We Trust