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    Label: Karthago Records
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    German True Heavy Metal on Karthago Records. Al from RAVAGE with his second project Steel Maid. 'Raptor' was intended to be more 80s, more JUDAS PRIEST, more basic and more true spirit. In fact it is. The mastermind behind the songs Dirk Johannsen did his best to show that Steel Maid is different from RAVAGE although the unique vocals from Al Firicano (RAVAGE) proove a similarity between both bands. If you like 'Spectral rider' you will be not disappointed in any case with 'Raptor'. If you prefer 'The end of tomorrow' maybe you will miss the great sound and a more 'middle of the road'-style (except the incredible title-songs) 'Raptor' is very raw and the songs could have been written in 1983, so don't expect that you will listen to an album made in 2010. No, inside your CD-player there is another year and the songs cry for being released in vinyl-format. As I know this is not planned due to lack of money. A PITY! Finally like the RAVAGE-works also 'Raptor' has a song which is so much over the top that you will never forget it. 'Armageddon' is what 'Curse of heaven' and 'The end of tomorrow' were on the RAVAGE albums. Another song for eternity but this time not written by Al himself but from guitarist Dirk Johannsen. Quite often ballads are not liked too much from Metal-listeners, but the acoustic version from 'The falling angel' is fantastic. A fine coverartwork makes this remarkable album complete. For true Metalheads, 80s Metal fans, so done for the readers of this page and review