ATTACKER "The Unknown +3 bonus tracks" CD

ATTACKER "The Unknown +3 bonus tracks" CD
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    Label: Sentinel Steel
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal / Thrash / Speed
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    Tremendous traditional US power metal drawing on influences ranging from Iron Maiden (circa Piece of Mind/Powerslave), Judas Priest (Defenders/Painkiller) to Accept (Restless/Balls) and Mercyful Fate (Don't Break...). Comparable to early Metal Church (s/t, The Dark), Attacker's The Unknown features the band's best production ever, plus perhaps their most powerful selection of songs. From the storming Priest-like opener "This Is Power" to the guitar wizardy of "The Unknown" to the crunching doom power of "Devil's War", Attacker combine the classy twin lead guitar team of Benetatos and Marinelli, the double bass drumming of Sabatini, the return of original bass player Ciarlo and the distinct pipes of singer Mitchell into a potent power metal force.