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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA / International
    Style: Black Metal / Avant-Garde
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    The most Avant-Garde, Unique & Original Black Metal album since the mid-90’s Norse / Misanthropy Records era which spawned Arcturus, Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety and Ulver!

    Primitive, Barbaric Black Metal Meets Avant-Garde Violin centered abstract concertos!

    The name DeathWytch is a character name from Orpheus’ Saga, brought to life by Sartoraaus.

    Musically, DEATHWYTCH made a cautious effort to create an unholy alliance between oddly coupled genres of beloved music: Black Metal-Lounge meets Halloween Jazz. Using traditional black metal instruments, but, replacing the lead guitarist with a violinist. A tasteful splash of traditional black metal blast beats were infused to interrupt groovy rhythms.

    The lyrical theme is a fantastical impression to the mundanes, while also being a memorialization of Dragana’s Shamanka rituals; a deposition of the observer to her panic within the womb of this world as she reckons with the inevitable binding to death, whether it be eternal nightmare or blissful dream.

    Germanic incantations with ethereal violin over Halloween-Jazz & Black Metal-lounge. The Witch is Free!

    * The unique debut album from Avant-Garde Black Metal / Experimental / Jazz / Lounge band DEATHWYTCH!
    * Violin center Avant-garde Halloween-Jazz & Black Metal-lounge!
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    * Avant-Garde production by Orpheus at Wood Rot Studios (Sartoraaus).
    * Features current members of Sartoraaus and former members of Projectionist, Black Sorcery.
    * Mandatory for fans Ved Buens Ende, Arcturus, Fleurety, Ulver, Xasthur, Korova Kill, Draugar

    Track Listing:
    1. Plague of Hope (Plage Der Hoffnung) (8:48)
    2. Das Erwachen (The Awakening) (7:10)
    3. The Wytch is Free (Die Hexe ist Frei) (6:38)
    4. Dein Opfer (Your Sacrifice) (5:24)
    5. Der Zauber (The Allurement) (4:12)
    6. Kalter Fluch (Cold Curse) (6:20)
    7. Todeshexe (DeathWytch) (2:20)
    8. Die Jagerib (The Huntress) (7:40)
    9. Winds of Death (Winds des Todes) (7:46)
    Total Play Time: 56:21