HACAVITZ "Muerte" Digipack CD

HACAVITZ "Muerte" Digipack CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Mexico
    Style: Black / Death Metal
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    The triumphant return of the #1 Hispanic Black / Death Metal band!!!

    HACAVITZ, the Mexican raptors of unlight return with their highly anticipated and tremendously powerful new album “Muerte”, reinforcing a career that spans 20 years. Emerging from a 7 years Hiatus, HACAVITZ 6th album abundantly compensates for the band’s absence. “Muerte” delivers darkened fury with a striped down, straight forward and lethal sound that will rapt your essence to the core. HACAVITZ unleash this new offspring of wrath and despair, which redefines their own sound, in a devastating attack of pure Black Death Metal in a 43 minute long journey of darkness. HACAVITZ have mastered their own sound and capture the aura of the Night with this ultimate Offering of Darkness.

    The perfect mix of Morbid Angel, Immortal and Dissection!!!

    “Combining the death metal blasting of KRISUN, the creepy hymns of early MORBID ANGEL, and the plague-wielding sickness of the grimmest black metal, Mexico’s HACAVITZ have spawned an incurable disease.” -BLABBERMOUTH
    “Precise, powerful and memorable. Angelcorpse and old Sepultura on Meth!” -EXPLICITLY INTENSE
    "Primal rage, blinding speed and methodological malevolence, a vile blackened death attack." -METAL MANIACS

    * Highly anticipated sixth album from the #1 Hispanic Black / Death Metal band!
    * Product Highlight Sticker with sales points!
    * Flawless production from One Pot Music Studios (Castleumbra).
    * Features current and former members of Impiety & Ravager.
    * Features guest appearances by member of Skull Mask!
    * Killer Cover art by Antonio Nolasco (Gravehill, Ravager, Impiety, Disgorge).
    * A leading band of the “revival” wave of True Death Metal.
    * Mandatory for fans of Celtic Frost, (early) Craft, Behemoth, Bathory, Morbid Angel, Dissection, Immortal, Krisiun & Sarcofago!

    Track Listing:
    1. Muerte Primera (6:38)
    2. Hiaretikos Nicte (9:05)
    3. Moonstench (5:42)
    4. Voivodvz (7:15)
    5. Tsontekotl Ika Tletl (3:40)
    6. Conticinium (10:47)
    Total Play Time: 48:17

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