HACAVITZ "NEX NIHIL" CD 11" x 17" Color Poster

HACAVITZ "NEX NIHIL" CD 11" x 17" Color Poster
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    Full color poster for  “NEX NIHIL”, which showcases raging Wraith-like, forked-tongue Black Death metal vocals, multi-layered guitars that weave in and out with angular death to black metal riffing, pounding bass and perfectly timed drumming crafting infernal Quetzalcoatlian nahual spells! Completely rocking, hook-laden black death metal from beginning to end! With “NEX NIHIL” HACAVITZ reap a multi-lingual whirlwind of serpentine blackened death metal immersed in Pre-Hispanic Mythology that spells the end in any language. 
    The perfect mix between Dissection, Morbid Angel and Immortal!!!