ABSIT OMEN "Brutal Conquer" CD

ABSIT OMEN "Brutal Conquer" CD
    Code: AWA053
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Awakening Records
    Nation: Philippines
    Style: Death / Thrash Metal
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    UNDERGROUND METAL FLAMES IN THE PHILIPPINES! Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. In the case of ABSIT OMEN, it's a golden chance to wreak havoc once again. From its origins as an obscure 1993-era alumnus of the Philippine underground, their return had to happen as a necessity. Early violent years of playing in packed Hardcore/Punk/Thrash/Crossover/Metal bills from repurposed basketball court-organized gigs to the renowned bastion of Manila's underground, Club Dredd, ABSIT OMEN's reignition comes at just the perfect time. Having toiled in obscurity but without letting up their songwriting and metalcraft, their return is not just merely to settle old scores. They don't need to prove anything anyway with a well-composed debut release that's almost 30 years in the making. Make no mistake about it, ABSIT OMEN continues to ignore all trends to deliver their first album of scorching Filipino Thrash Metal!