GUN BARREL "Battle Tested" CD

GUN BARREL "Battle Tested" CD
    Code: LMP050
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Limb Music Productions
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Heavy / Power Metal
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    What connects AC/DC, Motörhead and Rose Tattoo? Of course all three bands are considered Hard Rock classics and every self-respecting rock fan has them in his or her collection. So what ...? Well, after all this time there is now a band who is prepared to lay claim to the inheritance of the above-named bands. And that’s how Battle-Tested happened, Gun Barrel´s heavy rocking 2003 album. Guitarist Rolf Tanzius and rock voice Guido Feldhausen have been in the business for a long time and together with their bandmates Holger Schulz (bass) and Toni Pinciroli (drums), they celebrate a Rock’n’Roll lifestyle with less compromise than any other band in Germany. In 2001 the rockers from the Rhine released their first long player, Power-Dive, which hit the media like a ten megaton neutron bomb. Gun Barrel’s timeless, raw hard rock won the band countless points in the magazines and acted as a transfusion for the genre which had been represented for so long by the aforesaid handful of bands. The time is ripe for a generous package of dirty, hardkicking sex and drugs and Rock’n’Roll! LMP / Limb Music Productions.