WITCHTRAP "Witching Metal" MCD

WITCHTRAP "Witching Metal" MCD
    Code: HELLS023
    Price: $7.99
    Label: Hells Headbangers
    Nation: Colombia
    Style: Black / Thrash Metal
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    Extreme headbangability! Their out-of-print mini-album from 2000 now re-issued on CD with improved artwork and layout. This is stripped down, old-school evil thrash with a dash of traditional heavy metal. There are no progressive tendencies or any extreme technicality here, only a palpable, raw passion for playing speedy, simple, and above all else catchy blackened thrash! Undeniably infectious, you WILL be humming these riffs after only a couple spins. Look no further if you are searching for the same feeling as in the early work of: Destruction, Kreator, Assassin, Motorhead, Sodom, Metallica ("Kill 'Em All" era).