Code: HELLS223
    Price: $7.99
    Label: Hells Headbangers
    Nation: Chile
    Style: Black / Thrash Metal
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    Originally digitally released during September 2020, Psicomoro proves PERVERSOR are as restless 'n' wild as ever. Forever committed to the hellish climes of South American black/death madness, here across 15 filthy 'n' furious minutes, the quartet cantankerously rip apart "blackthrash" conventions with a gibbering bestiality that could only come from the cult-metal cauldron of Chile. In fact, very little has changed in PERVERSOR's worldview, and they're all the better for it: one track detonates after another, with the band seemingly locked into a state of violent possession, each scabrous riff and vocal vomit summoned from a sulfurous pit far beyond the purview of mankind. If anything, Psicomoro is the sound of PERVERSOR at their clearest and most crushing, the richly full-bodied production only heightening their trademark violence that much more.
    As always, PERVERSOR elevate themselves beyond the mongrel hordes with a firm commitment to the METAL aspect of their black/death madness, thrashing forth with a memorability rooted in the '80s ways. Now finally available physically, Psicomoro is a timely, all-too-short reminder of that ever-enduring madness!