INCARNATED "Some Old Stories" CD

INCARNATED "Some Old Stories" CD
    Code: SMG034
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Selfmadegod Records
    Nation: Poland
    Style: Old School Death Metal
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    Celebrating 15-years anniversary Poland's Incarnated unveil collection CD comprised of early recordings including "Atrocious Vermin" (demo 1995), "Empire Of Rot" (demo 1993) as well as promo split 1994 with legendary Dead Infection. Over an hour-dose of outrageously brutal old style death metal merging elements of vintage Scandinavian sound. In addition "Some Old Stories" includes brilliant layout and artwork equipped with archival pictures, graphics and extensive liner notes written by the only original member of the band, Pierscien. This is the definitive release of one of the older and most prominent death metal bands hailing from Poland. Period.