CELESTIA "Delhys Catess" MCD

CELESTIA "Delhys Catess" MCD
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    Label: Hidden Marly Productions
    Nation: France
    Style: Black Metal
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    Celestia is a French black metal act that released this demo in 2007. Celestia features Astrelya (ex-Peste Noire) on drums, Noktu of Mortifera on vocals and guitars and Scott Malefic Conner as guest on all the keyboard parts. Scott Connor played in several death metal bands in Southern California before creating Xasthur in December of 1995. The Delhys Catess demo is actually a taster from their second album Frigidiis Apotheosia Abstinencia Genesiis that would be released in 2008. The four titles on this disc, yes it was released on cd in 2011 and then re-issued in a great deluxe 6 panel digipack with embossed silver print in 2012, are pure wonders. Celestia is undoubtedly one of the best groups of current French black metal and is a kind of cultural showcase of the nineteenth century France. Delhys – Catess is like hearing someone reading an autobiographical novel combining romance and fantasy with a lot of passion. The compositions take us straight to the nineteenth century, in the south of France. As the music flows, the listener is led to a large mansion belonging to an aristocratic family and finds himself condemned to wander the dark corridors and rooms in which the rotten walls recount the bloody past generations that have followed one another. Vocalist Sir Noktu Geiistmortt has a very personal voice and he sounds emotional when he is expressing the pain and frustration. The atmosphere the music creates is wonderful. Noktu truly permeated his feelings within its own riffs and the keyboards are also cold, beautiful and haunting as the pale face of a beautiful aristocrat sleeping on his bed for ages. Band leader Noktu Geiistmortt and his two henchmen were able to create their own world on this demo and have proven to be very talented musicians. Celestia is a noble entity that has sharpen their own black art: Delhys – Catess is not an ordinary consumer item and its not like eating a burger at McDonalds but its more like the taste of a fine wine from the Languedoc -Roussillon. Limited 1000 copies