DUSTSUCKER "Jack Knife Rendezvous" CD

DUSTSUCKER "Jack Knife Rendezvous" CD
    Code: LMP095
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Limb Music Productions
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Heavy Metal /Hard Rock
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    If you know Dustsucker you will also know what the name stands for: dirty, gut-twisting high energy Rock `n` Roll, which kicks ass with one foot decidedly pedal to the metal. And if you have never heard of the quartet from Germany's Westphalia, then just imagine an explosive mixture of Motorhead, Gluecifer, the Hellacopters and early Metallica. Just saying these names should give you an idea of the fact that full-blooded rockers are at work here. Jack Knife Rendezvous is their 5th full length, twelve brand new killer tracks presented at a special low price. LMP / Limb Music Productions.