SARCOFAGO "The Laws of Scourge" CD

SARCOFAGO "The Laws of Scourge" CD
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    Nation: Brazil
    Style: Black / Death / Thrash Metal
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    The Laws of Scourge is the second studio album by the Brazilian extreme metal band Sarcófago. It was on this album that the band's lyrical content shifted from Satanism to more realistic subject matter; "Midnight Queen" is about a prostitute, while "Screeches from the Silence" is about living life in a care-free manner. After the lo-fi black/thrash metal style of I.N.R.I., The Laws of Scourge marks a change in musical style, with the band playing clearer and more proficient death/thrash metal.[3] In addition, the album is considered one of the first technical death metal albums.[4] This was also the last full-length record to feature a human drummer, as from Hate onwards, the band would use a drum machine.

    +++ Also includes the “Rotting” MCD as bonus Tracks!!