WAXEN "Die Macht Von Hassen" CD

WAXEN "Die Macht Von Hassen" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black Thrash / Black Metal / Shred
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    America’s Guitar Virtuoso Toby Knapp returns with his unique brand of Shredding Black Thrash Metal with Waxen’s long awaited 6th album!

    Signing with world-renowned guitar god label Shrapnel Records in 1992 at the unheard of age of 19, Toby Knapp continues to have a productive & prolific career in rock and heavy metal.

    Recording albums with 20+ of his own bands including Onward, Toby Knapp, Waxen, Where Evil Follows, Necrytis, Affliktor & Darken, Mr. Knapp is also a full time guitar teacher. A session studio and live musician for many world class national artists including Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Godless Rising, Fetid Zombie, Abhor & more, Toby Knapp has solidified his position as an all-around world-wide guitar Hero, Virtuoso and International Legend!

    Waxen delivers skillfully played blackened thrash metal with strong true metal leanings and the undercurrent of black metal, drenched in Toby Knapp’s trademark neo-classical shred-mastery!

    Waxen’s debut album “Fumaroth” was released in 2006. Joining the Moribund Family in 2014 Waxen swiftly released a tetrarchy of internationally acclaimed black / thrash metal albums with “Agios Holokauston” (2014), “Weihung Auf Satan" (2016),"Terror Decree” (2018) and “Blasphemer in Celestial Courts” (2019). These albums redefined technical black / thrash metal and credit Knapp with the invention an entirely new sub-genre “Shred-Black Metal”!

    "Die Macht Von Hassen" (German for The Power of Hate) Waxen’s 6th album, is loaded with traditional thrash metal riffing that turns into black metal shredding, then sways towards a neo-classical heavy metal solo or segments of brutal death metal tremolo. Toby Knapp’s innovative and eclectic style and talent for writing real songs surpasses and sets him apart from all other shredders!

    “Die Macht Von Hassen” is Knapp’s personal response to a Black Metal scene which has been diluted and distilled for far too long into something unrecognizable by its creators, founders and followers. A comprehensive tome of ceremonial magic put forth to re-instill the vigor, vinegar and vitriol of days of old. Days when black and thrash metal, were about creating hateful art aimed against the world’s major religions and contempt towards humanity as a whole, instead of being socially correct. Join Waxen in their crusade for “Die Macht Von Hassen”!

    their crusade for “Die Macht Von Hassen”! Worship the Guitar Wizardry!

    "Old school metal elements carried by the vile black metal thematic blend so well. Bang your heads to this one." ~Metal-temple
    “Perfect for riding a spike-armored stallion into that endless infernal war.” ~Decibel Magazine
    “Steps over a bunch of your favorite albums to the very front of your attention! Shocking. Crank it up!” ~Metalsucks.net
    "Believe me, this is the best model I've heard so far for Black Metal without having to be repetitive like many albums right now. this is a musician that we must keep our attention on".~Metal Temple 8/10

    * Highly anticipated 6th album from the Internationally renowned US guitar legend!!!
    * Leading band of World renowned axe-shredder, teacher & session musician Toby Knapp (Onward, Toby Knapp band)!!!
    * Composed, performed, mixed and produced by the guitar genius Toby Knapp himself!
    * Features session drums by Ahrin (Graveland, Celtic Dance).
    * Cult cover art & graphic design by The Old Goat (Xasthur, WOTBM, Vardan, I Shalt Become).
    * Hot on the heels of Knapp’s revival of Prior Century Media band ONWARD’s new masterpiece "Of Epoch and Inferno"!
    * Shredding Black Thrash Metal with excellent melody, total ripping Solo’s and superb song writing.
    * Mandatory for fans of Immortal, Dissection, Slayer, Inquisition, Destruction & Yngwie Malmsteen!!!

    Track Listing:
    1. Die Macht Von Hassen (6:39)
    2. God of All Endings (4:12)
    3. Those Reviled (5:35)
    4. Your Kingdom will Bleed (7:51)
    5. Holocaust Light (6:10)

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