PACT "God Only Knows" CD

PACT "God Only Knows" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black / Death Metal
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    The Occult Black / Death Metal Masterpiece of 2022 !!!
    Rising once more from the ethereal fog, PACT returns with their highly anticipated fourth album and the bands unquestionable Masterwork “God Only Knows”.
    The mysterious US Occult Black / Death Metal power-trio PACT has released 3 prior critically acclaimed albums on Moribund Records, "The Dragon Lineage of Satan" (2012), "The Infernal Hierarchies, Penetrating The Threshold Of Night" (2014) & "Enigmata" (2018), solidifying their position in leading the US Black /Death Metal scene.
    PACT’s is known for evoking a remarkably heavy and domineering sound, which is inherent throughout all their albums, with an otherworldly atmosphere that engulfs you in oppressive despair. Militant song writing with commanding execution prove that pure Black / Death Metal is still a wellspring of talent and innovative evil. PACT twist traditional Death, Black Metal and Occult Rock to their own, unique and disturbing design.
    With “GoK” PACT greatly expand their sound-palate, adding clean vocals, more ritualistic passages and lots of atmosphere to their trademark suffocating (terrorizing) sound. PACT burn the rulebook and become rulers of their own sinister path!
    The Black / Death Metal masterpiece of 2022, which Crucifies the Spirit, Will and Mind with Forbidden Fruit withered by Sands of Time!

    “Stands out as one of the year’s most memorable Satanic offering” -newnoisemagazine
    “One of the premier USBM releases within recent years!”
    “Successfully places Pact in direct competition for the extreme USBM crown!”
    “Highly advanced yet still vicious Death Metal that rips and storms."
    “it’s nice to be scorched by the burning breath of Pact!” -Metal Forces

    * Highly anticipated 4th album from the American Black / Death Metal power-house !!!
    * Features a stunning production by Thoth Atlantean from Reliquary Studio’s!
    * Cult diabolical cover art by Estefano Burmistrov.
    * Regional US Touring and festival appearances throughout 2022 !
    * Cult yet brutal Black / Death Metal with extremely sick vocals.
    * The new US Black / Death Mega-Band !!!
    * Mandatory for fans of Marduk, Immortal, Incantation, Watain, Belphegor & Nightbringer!!!

    Track Listing:
    1. God Only Knows (4:08)
    2. Magick Black (4:19)
    3. Awakening of the Nine (4:29)
    4. The Oracle (4:02)
    5. Mortal (8:20)
    6. Jezebel (4:00)
    7. Crucifier (3:03)
    8. Christ Loving Whore (4:39)
    9. Path of Illumination (4:51)
    10. Eternal Black Flame (4:15)
    11. Harlot of the Stars (3:22)
    12. Death Fire Satan (5:35)

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