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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: Canada
    Style: True Metal / Heavy Metal / Power Metal / Thrash Metal / Female Fronted Metal
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    Bold and True Female Fronted Anthemic Canadian Power Metal / Classic 80’s Metal Combustion!!!

    The 1st embers sparked in the frosty Canadian Tundra of Newfoundland, Canada in 2011 when CATEGORY VI released their “Vinland” Demo. This swiftly ignited their path and their debut album “Fireborn” (2013) was unleashed in a blaze of burning Metal! Those coals were never quenched, and CATEGORY VI added fuel to the fire with their 2017 follow up Inferno “War Is Hell”.

    CATEGORY VI Now returns in a full blazing firestorm with their 3rd album and most accomplished release to date “Firecry” From the initial flickering flame of “Firecry” To the final cinders of the absolutely combustible cover of HEARTS classic “Barracuda”, CATEGORY VI deliver True and classy 80’s Heavy Metal with utter perfection! “Firecry” boasts a crisp, clear and scorching modern production that does not distract from the bands True 80’s metal sound.

    Lyrically crafted around themes of personal pride and triumph (Valkyrie, Heavy is the Crown), witchcraft persecution (Firecry), women’s strength (She Runs With Wolves) & their excellent live performances (Coven), these concepts are boldly and powerfully delivered by the soaring vocal excellence of Female lead singer Amanda Jackman. Bolstered and fueled by the powerful stainless steel riffs and catchy melodies of guitarist Geoff Waye, pounding anvil bass of Keith Jackman and thunderous steadfast drumming of Brian Downton, CATEGORY VI bring classy and classic 1980’s Power – Traditional Heavy Metal into the 21st century with blazing glory!

    To close out one of the best Heavy Metal albums of the decade, CATEGORY VI delivers an immaculate True Metal, yet Radio friendly cover of the chart-toping Heart classic “Barracuda” With “Firecry” CATEGORY VI unleash a global scale climate changing Metal cyclone which just may melt the North American frozen tundra with their blazing Power Metal!

    “This is just a damn good album”
    “A definite potential for greatness here!” ~
    “Both refreshing on the ears and authentic.”

    * Highly anticipated Third album by Canadian Traditional / Power Metal band Category VI!
    * Features Ripping and Radio Friendly cover of the HEART classic “Barracuda”!
    * Featuring Geoff Waye and Amanda Jackson also known from Canadian Thrasher’s TRISKELYON!
    * Superb Heavy Metal cover art by Ivan Radnic (Enchanted Sword, Fractures in the Sky).
    * Classic 1980’s style Power Metal / Traditional Metal of the Highest Quality!
    * Mandatory for fans of Chastain, (early) Lee Aaron, Warlock, Hellion, Savage Master, Sentinel Beast & Fear of God!

    Track Listing:
    1. Firecry (6:10)
    2. Valkyrie (6:05)
    3. The Vultures Never Came (4:10)
    4. She Runs With Wolves (4:12)
    5. Heavy is the Crown (3:47)
    6. Coven (4:52)
    7. The Cradle Will Fall (4:53)
    8. Burning Bridges (3:49)
    9. Barracuda (Heart) (4:21)

    Also Available on Moribund Records by TRISKELYON (Featuring Amanda Jackson & Geoff Waye of CATEGORY VI):
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