MEADS OF ASPHODEL, THE "Damascus Steel + Bonus" CD

MEADS OF ASPHODEL, THE "Damascus Steel + Bonus" CD
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    Originally released in 2001, The Excommunication of Christ burst onto the black metal scene with an innovative approach to a style well into its second decade seeking refreshing elements. Cast through a drapery of religious imagery, Middle Eastern rhythms ease through gruff black metal aggression. This new version has a reworked layout and new artwork which complement the two additional reissues, Exhuming the Grave of Yeshua and Damascus Steel.
    Four bonus tracks are also added to this release:
    Calling All Monsters (from original limited version of release)
    Christ's Descent Into Hell (from Britanna Infernus compilation)
    Weeping Tears of Angel Light (demo version)
    Death and Darkness (demo version)