AYAT "Carry on, Carrion" CD

AYAT "Carry on, Carrion" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: The Lebanon
    Style: Black Metal
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    AYAT does it BETTER !

    The #1 Arabic Heavy Metal band & the first extreme Metal band from The Lebanon!
    The bad Boys from Beirut are Back! The Lebanese Madmen of Metal, AYAT return with their highly anticipated third album “Carry on, Carrion”. While it may be 9 years on from their second (and scene legend) album "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred", AYAT’s mission remains unchanged- to destroy all posers with Bulldozer Heavy Metal. AYAT are staunchly anti-Muslim, anti-religious and against pious rigidity: “SYODH” had to be smuggled out of their native country due to due to censorship by religious opposition serves as the proof.

    Were it also recorded in The Lebanon, “Carry on, Carrion” would have been received no differently. This time around the Arabic bringers of musical Armageddon serve up 10 gloriously rocking tracks about war, death, anti-religion, Beirut & Jerusalem, sex, closure (it’s boring!), Police interrogations, (love and) falling out of love, fever, murder, little Allah’s falling down, drugs and a magical pig. “Carry on, Carrion” is rife with catchy riffs and sing-able choruses galore, but don’t let that fool you into thinking this is a “commercial” album. It’s as vile and dangerous as the blood soaked region AYAT hails from. Overflowing with memorable head banging moments, this album is still chocked full of perversion and blasphemy as any true Metal gem should be. An arsenal of nuclear-charged black metal, goat-grinding punk and pure old-school rock & roll detonate with each spin of “Carry on, Carrion” laying waste to all in its path. This cacophony reminds you that in this world, there is just death and you! After listening to “Carry on, Carrion” you will know that this is the Real Arab Spring!

    AYAT sticks a dollar bill on the cum drenched face of the listener and says: “I hope it was as good for you as it was for me.”

    "With an OTT approach reminiscent of Judas Priest alongside a good old sense of Mayhem, the album is invested with a pestilent rune-cursed allure not unlike Impaled Nazarene at their most dangerous" - ZERO TOLERANCE
    - from the "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred" album.

    * The world’s first Anti-Islamic Metal Band!!!
    * The #1 Arabic Heavy Metal band & the first extreme Metal band from The Lebanon!
    * Ayat’s "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred" CD has shipped over 1,500 in the US.
    * Mastered at Nettlingham Audio (Sargeist, Xasthur, Brown Jenkins).
    * The most Pissed-Of sounding Metal album ever!
    * Revolting cover art sure to please all Metal fans!
    * A MUST for fans of Archgoat, Impaled Nazarene, Mystifier, Root, Beherit and Nattefrost.

    Track Listing:
    1. Raw War (Beirut unveils her pussy once more) (5:58)
    2. Every time a child says 'I don't believe in Allah' there is a little Allah somewhere that falls down dead (6:59)
    3. I think I killed her (4:54)
    4. Aisha (6:22)
    5. Fever In Tangiers, or To William (7:56)
    6. Closure is boring (4:40)
    7. The pig who had miraculously been spared decomposition (5:41)
    8. Jerusalem I (7:58)
    9. Jerusalem II (8:15)
    10. The fine art of arrogance. Part II (The apocalypse is but an ejaculation) (4:03)

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    The fine art of arrogance.
    Part II (The apocalypse is but an ejaculation)