AYAT "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred" CD

AYAT "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred" CD
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    The most pissed-off sounding Metal Album in Years! 75% Black Metal, 25% Punk and 110% Rock & Roll Damnation, Lebanese AYAT take you on a holocoaster ride to Hell and Back! Violent environments breed violent music, and Lebanon’s AYAT slays all pretenders with their long-awaited second album "Six Years Of Dormant Hatred". An arsenal of nuclear-charged black metal and goat-grinding punk you’ve never heard a band as memorably violent as AYAT!

    Featuring the smash-Hits: Misogyny When We Embrace, Ilahiya Khinzir! (All hail Allah the Swine), Fornication & Murder + Collective Suicide in the Boudoir (Feeling Wonderful Tonight) !!!

    "With an OTT approach reminiscent of Judas Priest alongside a good old sense of Mayhem, the album is invested with a pestilent rune-cursed allure not unlike Impaled Nazarene at their most dangerous" -ZERO TOLERANCE