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    US Black Metal renegades BITTER PEACE return with their second album "Opus II". Shifting from fast, blasting sections to slow, mesmerizing passages, "Opus II" spans the gamut of extreme Black Metal. Haunting, ghostly vocals filled with sinister screams, inhuman howls and deathly invocations conjure a dismal, eerie and unsettling atmosphere. Their ominous sound is augmented by samples of mass-murder and world war, adding to the over-all atrocity. "Opus II" is pure anti conformism to all that is the status-quo, a warring opus of USBM to awaken the dark spirit within us all!

    * New highlight of the evolving US Black Metal scene!
    * Recorded at Ultima Comparatio (Bitter Peace).
    * Additional recording/mixing at Plastik Musik (Chaos Moon, Esoterica, Lithotome).
    * Mastered at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Merrimack).
    * Cover art by Mike Riddick (Demoncy, The Soil Bleeds Black).
    * Narrations by Michael Ford (Black Funeral, Sorath, Darkness enshroud).
    * Mandatory for fans of Leviathan, Silencer, Bethlehem and I Shalt Become.

    Track Listing: 1. Initiation (2:47)
    2. I Spite (4:53)
    3. Great Harlot Of Abominations (5:23)
    4. Elevation Of The Profane Host (4:07)
    5. Searching For Serenity (3:02)
    6. Ixiveyra (6:32)
    7. Mayhem, Massacre & Hysteria (4:29)
    8. Harmonious Celebration (4:33)
    9. The Oust (3:00)