SVARTMASS "Beyond The Veil Of Death" CD

SVARTMASS "Beyond The Veil Of Death" CD
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    Price: $9.99
    Label: Blasphemous Creations of Hell
    Nation: Cuba
    Style: Black Metal
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    Black Metal From Cuba on Blasphemic Creations Of Hell.
    From Cuba comes this two men project aiming to express philosophical thoughts on death and beyond, through five melodic tracks willing to create an atmosphere of anticosmic deathcult. It’s a journey consisting of a message expressed by riffs of transcendence, death-bounded vocals and trembling drums. Svartmass is a dance macabre; its direction is the one of the reaper. We are marching toward the purification flames, toward the arms of the Lord Death, and this is our tribute to him. Salve La Muerte.