HORNA "Sanojesi Aarelle" Digipak 2xCD

HORNA "Sanojesi Aarelle" Digipak 2xCD
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    New double digipak album by the Premier Finnish Black Metal act! "Sanojesi Aarelle" delivers two comparable-yet-unique albums of desolate BM sorcery. One album punchy and hook-oriented, the other epic and trance-inducing; both brimming with the sound that has thrust HORNA to the forefront of the modern black metal scene. To the source of thy word!

    Headlining the "Blood - Fire - Death Across America" Tour Oct.31-Nov.22!!! check www.moribundcult.com for dates & info!!!

    "HORNA = the AC/DC of Black Metal!" -Salt Lake City Underground
    "...Judgment Day is coming, people, and Horna is proof" -Digitalmetal.com