HORNA "Musta Kaipuu" CD

HORNA "Musta Kaipuu" CD
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    Unearthed from a cold, dead coffin, HORNA’s “Musta Kaippu” collects rare and unreleased material from the Finnish black metal leader’s classic “Envaatnags Eflos Solf Esgantaavne” era. Both a treasure trove and a complete entity unto itself, “Musta Kaippu” displays the signature sound that has thrust HORNA to the forefront of the modern black metal scene. With serious hooks and grave dedication, HORNA pour forth black metal wine of a most dirty vintage!

    “HORNA = the AC/DC of Black Metal!" -Salt Lake City Underground
    “...Judgment Day is coming, people, and Horna is proof" -Digitalmetal.com