ROOT "Madness Of The Graves + 4 Bonus Tracks" CD Re-issue

ROOT "Madness Of The Graves + 4 Bonus Tracks" CD Re-issue
    Code: PRG43060
    Price: $9.99
    Label: Redblack Productions
    Nation: Czech Republic
    Style: Dark Heavy / Black Metal
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    Epic Dark Metal! Chech Legend ROOT’s long out of print 7th album, with 4 live bonus tracks! What is there really to say about a band like Root???!!! There really is no one like them, maybe you could compare them to Master's Hammer but only because both bands are just so unique in their craft though neither band follow the same musical path. This is Root's long out of print 7th album that originally saw the light of day on cd in 2003, and later vinyl in 2004. Once again Root take their style further into darker, creepier, and weirder realms!!! There are many different elements on this record that only Root can deliver. Madness of The Graves is yet another Milestone in the bands career. So many bands get the phrase "cult" alongside the mention of their name these days however this is truly a band that defines the term!!!Nothing more needs to be said.